Fancy Lady (1971)


Her mission – an in-depth article comparing the sexual climates of the two cities. Karin (Uschi Digard) states that her home city is famous for its, “.free Love, female nymphos, male libertines and pornography,” and she secretly hopes to find San Francisco just as inviting. Visiting a grind house theater for a little midday delight (and research!), Karin is thrilled to see a movie featuring two eager women clad in thigh-high leather boots, cavorting in a park and taking their passions to sensual and ecstatic heights. We discover that Karin had her own lesbian encounters as an impressionable nineteen-year-old, ripe with the desire to experiment with her nubile and luxurious body. Next, Karin visits a young American couple that had recently visited Copenhagen. Finding them in their apartment putting on quite a show, Karin acts the voyeur and takes in all the carnal sights and sounds while keeping her notebook busy. And when night-time arrives, turned on by the day’s erotic events and with an ample body craving satisfaction, Karin needs to experience the kinds of orgasmic pleasures that only she can herself. Also stars Lynn Harris, Barbara Mills, George Peters and Starlyn Simone.

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Fancy Lady


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