Space Monster Wangmagwi (1967)


aka’s: Ujugoe-In Wangmagwi/
Big Monster Wangmagwi/
우주괴인 왕마귀

Aliens seeking the conquest of Earth invade with flying saucers. They also unleash a gigantic monster called Wang Ma Gwi, who destroys everything in its path with a powerful death ray. Stars Won Namkung, Seon-kyeong Kim, Eun-jin Han and Hie-gab Kim.

This film came from a Korean import print in excellent picture quality.

NOTE: This film has never been seen outside of it’s native country, South Korea, and has only recently been restored and screened at film conventions there. It is the first Korean science fiction film to be shot entirely with a Korean cast and crew, whereas Yongary, Monster From The Deep (1967), also a South Korean production, was produced with the help of Japan’s Toei studios, who assisted with the special effects and miniatures in that film.


Space Monster Wangmagwi aka’s: Ujugoe-In Wangmagwi/Big Monster Wangmagwi/
우주괴인 왕마귀


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