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2 thoughts on “Legal

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I just ordered two DVD’s being “Big Zapper” and “Zapper’s blade of vengeance”, order nr [Order #16998] (December 30, 2020) but I now realize these products will be in NTSC format. We are in The Netherlands so we need the PAL system. If You have these DVD’s in PAL system I would like to receive them, otherwise I hope it’s possible to cancel my order. Thank You in advance for Your service and wish You a happy and healthy new year.

    Kind regards,
    Otto van Dijken.

    1. Hi Otto,
      In this particular case, I do happen to have these 2 titles in the PAL format. Just for the record though, or possible future orders, multi region DVD or Blu Ray players can be purchased online at very reasonable prices nowadays.

      Thank you much!

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