A Lizard in A Woman’s Skin (1971)


aka’s: Una Lucertola Con La Pelle Di Donna/Una Lagartija Con Piel De Mujer/Les Salopes Vont En Enfer/Schizoid

Deborah (Silvia Monti) has disturbing dreams about murdering her neighbor. After she relates the dreams to her therapist, her neighbor is actually murdered–in exactly the same way that Deborah dreamt it. A police investigation begins, along with some strange revelations, amazing chase sequences and bizarre plot twists. Stars Florinda Bolkan and Stanley Baker.

This film comes from a very nice, fully uncut, widescreen import print.

Director Lucio Fulci earned a measure of infamy for this film because of a very believable scene involving disemboweled dogs. So believable in fact, that Fulci had to prove before a judge (along with special effects man Carlo Rambaldi) that their dogs were in fact fake.

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A Lizard in A Woman’s Skin aka: Vibrazioni


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