An Alligator Named Daisy (1955)


Peter Weston (Donald Sinden) is engaged to Vanessa Colebrook (Diana Dors), the daughter of a wealthy businessman (James Robertson Justice). On a journey home on a steamer he meets an old sea hand who shares with him how his wife won't let him keep his pet Daisy anymore. Weston offers him a kind ear and the sailor takes him for a kind man. When Weston wakes up later in the journey he finds that the sailor has left Daisy in his care. The problem is that Daisy is an alligator. While trying to throw the beast overboard, he meets Moira (Jeannie Carson) who helps him out. He is desperate to see her again and uses the alligator as an excuse. Also with Stephen Boyd.

This film came from a British import print in very nice picture quality.

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An Alligator Named Daisy


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