Bourgeoises En Chaleur (1977)


aka's: Prouesses Pornos/Hommes De Joie Pour Femmes En Chaleur/
Superfemmine In Calore

The film opens with a 30-something brown-haired woman (Ursula White) approaching the door of a house, turning back and then summoning up the courage to go in. She looks as if she could be Erika Cool’s older sister, but does not have such a distinctive face. Daniele Troeger is the maid who takes her coat. She is introduced to a 30-something woman who runs the establishment and is shown a catalogue of men. One picture is of Richard Lemieuvre, but most are of Charlie Schreiner. She is then introduced to a near look-alike in the form of Gabriel Coez. He gives her a good time. We then see him giving a folder of documents to a mature blonde (Amanda) and asking her to sign them. Is she another client? (In French language). ADULT CONTENT.


Bourgeoises En Chaleur aka’s: Prouesses Pornos/Hommes De Joie Pour Femmes En Chaleur/Superfemmine In Calore


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