Bruce Lee In G.O.D.: Shibôteki Yûgi (2000)


Part docudrama and part film. Features Bruce and his studio execs working together to create the Game Of Death story and its philosophical messages along with it, plus his interactions with young Brandon and wife Linda. Much of it is spoken in English while the rest is in Cantonese. There are interviews with those who worked with Bruce, but the most insightful is student Dan Inosanto's, mainly because his interview is the only one done in English. He even goes into the meaning behind the “shave and a haircut- two bits” routine he and Bruce created for the G.O.D. nunchuku scene. Features many rare outtakes. (In Cantonese and English language).

This film was never released in the U.S.

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Bruce Lee In G.O.D.: Shibôteki Yûgi


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