China 9, Liberty 37 (Uncut Version) (1978)


aka’s: Amore, Piombo E Furore/Clayton & Catherine/Clayton Drumm/Gunfire/ Love, Bullets And Frenzy

Condemned gunman Clayton (Fabio Testi) is given a last minute reprieve on condition he murders rancher Matthew (Warren Oates) for a railway company. Visiting Matthew’s ranch, Clayton is unable to bring himself to kill Matthew and leaves. But Matthew’s wife Catherine (Jenny Agutter), believing she has killed Matthew during an argument, joins Clayton. Matthew, still alive and mad as hell, joins Clayton’s equally angered employers to hunt down the pair. Also with Helga Liné. (In widescreen format).

This film came from an uncut Spanish import print in widescreen format.

This is the full 98-minute director’s cut, containing the nude shots of Jenny Agutter, which were cut from all other domestic DVD releases of this film.


China 9, Liberty 37 aka’s: Amore, Piombo E Furore/Clayton & Catherine/Clayton Drumm/
Gunfire/Love, Bullets And Frenzy


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