Color Climax Bestsellers No. 232 (1986)


aka: Color Climax Bestsellers #232

No. 232 brings even more of those German shorts from yesteryear–six ultra-hardcore films from the 1970's and 80's. These films are still pretty strong stuff, even by today's standards.

Bunghole Buster
After an enjoyable session of self-pleasuring, Eva graduates to a brush with the notorious John Holmes, he of the gigantic crank. Can she accommodate him?

Big Black Delivery
Bill the Bull is the black version of John Holmes. Errand-boy for a greengrocer, he gives the randy housewives a taste of his black cucumber!

Deep Throat Delivery
When technology lets us down, we're all deflated – but not this cunning lad! He manages to replace the usual daytime programming with the neighbors' sex orgy!

Anal Service
Who would have thought it? A dating agency which puts people in touch with others who like sodomy! There's nothing quite like enabling folks to come together!

Huge Tit Service
Set in a publisher's office, the black lady with the massive knockers is something for the magazine editor to binge on – and she's game for the layout man too!

Anal Games
Anal Games brings up the rear, so to speak. Two couples need something to brighten up their so-so love lives – and a porno magazine does the trick. It's better up the rear!

(In German language–not that it matters one bit!)


John Holmes died from AIDS-related complications on March 13th, 1988. He was 43.

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Color Climax Bestsellers No. 232
aka: Color Climax Bestsellers #232


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