Deviation (1971)


An unmarried couple have an accident on the British countryside. As the driver (Malcolm Terris) wakes up after the accident, he’s convinced that he killed someone. He and his girlfriend (Sibyla Grey) are welcomed into the home of a taxidermist (Karl Lanchbury) who throws, swinging orgies at night. As it turns out, the driver did run into someone — a drugged hippie. The hippie’s friends decide to bury the body instead of let the authorities know about it. After forcing the driver to have sex at gunpoint with one of their women, he’s murdered. His girlfriend is told he left town by train to go to his job, before being handed a joint and invited to join their orgies, which she does. She carries on carousing with the hippies, despite the warnings of a crippled psychic who lives in the house. Also with Lisbet Lundquist, Shelagh Wilcocks, Geoffrey Wincott and Frederick Schrecker. (Uncut).

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