Different Strokes: The Story Of Jack & Jill…And Jill (1998)


aka's: Jack And Jill/Kiss

Jill Martin (Dana Plato), a New York art director, arrives in Los Angeles to supervise a photo shoot with local photographer Jack (Bentley Mitchum) who's involved with another woman named Jill (Landon Hall). Jill Martin becomes involved with the relationship problems facing Jack and Jill as well as helping Jill deal with her sexual awakening to her repressed lesbianism and dealing with a jealous Jack when he finds out about Jill and Jill being together.

In 1991, battling alcohol and drug problems, Dana Plato was arrested after robbing a video store in Las Vegas. She was then given five years probation. But in 1992, she was arrested again for forging prescriptions for Valium. On May 8th, 1999, Dana died of what appeared to be an accidental overdose from a painkiller called Loritab. Later, on May 21st, a coroner's inquest ruled her death a suicide, due to the large amount of drugs in her body and her history of past suicide attempts. She was 34 years old.

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Different Strokes: The Story Of Jack & Jill…And Jill aka’s: Jack And Jill/Kiss


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