Faulad (1963)


In order to disprove the prophecy of his Raj-Jyotsi, the Maharaja (Kamal Mehra) sends his soldiers to kill every newborn male child in the region. One woman hides her baby in a basket and sets it afloat. The child is then found and adopted by the childless wife of upper-caste Thakur Ranjit Singh (Praveen Paul), who names the baby Amar. 18 years later he grows up to be a muscle-man (Dara Singh), who comes to the rescue of Rajkumari Padma (Mumtaz) and is welcomed by the Maharaja. Amar and Rajkumari soon fall in love — much to the chagrin of Mantri (Randhir) who wants to marry her. Also with Minoo Mumtaz and Kamran. (In Hindi language).

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