Follow That Man (1949-54)


aka: Man Against Crime

The Man was gumshoe Mike Barnett (Ralph Bellamy). Set in New York City, Barnett was a loner who used his brains and his fists to solve crimes. In the final season in 1956, Frank Lovejoy played the title role.

Episodes included in this set are:
Killer Cat
Hide And Seek
Paradise Lost
Polecat Shakedown
Room 505
Sic Transit Gloria
Murder In The Rough
Murder Mountain
Washington Story
Missing Cadet
Black Leg, White Tie
Doll Bandit
Hitch Heister
The Iceman
The Cube Root Of Evil
A Family Affair
Day Man
Get Out Of Town
Cocoanut's Eye
Ferry Boat
Free Ride
The Silken Touch

Sold as a 5-DVD-R or VHS set.

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Follow That Man aka: Man Against Crime


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