Girls Are For Loving (1973)


Two women who like control face each other in a battle over jealousy and weaknesses. The U.S. is about to sign a trade treaty with an Asian country; in exchange for friendly relations, the U.S. will loan the Asians money to purchase U.S. goods under contract. Evil siren Ronnie St. Clair tries various ways to find out which U.S. companies will get these contracts, so that she can do some inside trading to make money on the stock market. The C.I.A. hires gun-carrying, man-eating chanteuse and stripper, Ginger MacAllister (Cheri Caffaro), to put a stop to Miss St. Clair's plan. Ginger and her C.I.A. contact, Clay Boyer, an African-American, are attracted to each other. Will they live to ignite this spark?

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Girls Are For Loving


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