Greta, Monika Et Suzelle (1980)


aka: Love Theater

Le directeur (Jacques Gateau) with his wife Mado (Dominique Saint Claire) lead a theatrical troupe around country districts in a red double-decker Leyland bus. A rich man asks them to stay at his mansion and performs in a play he has written. This turns out to be hard-core and they leave, but their bus breaks down. After Le directeur sends his daughter (Ella Rose) to seduce a mechanic from the next village to repair it and two other girls lead the mechanic off into the woods for a threesome to avoid paying, they return to the mansion and do the play. Le directeur’s daughter marries the rich man and there is a wedding party orgy on the bus. Also with Flore Soller, Brigitte Lelaurain and Thierry de Brem. (In French language). ADULT CONTENT.


Greta, Monika Et Suzelle aka: Love Theater


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