Kung Fu Cockfighter (1976)


Nutty X-rated porno/kung fu movie. You must see this one to believe it! Evil Duke Lee Chow uses a horny monk with a super-powered crank to test for virgins in a bloody hymen busting ritual. The monk is able to break boulders and do spinning push-ups with his crank! He meets his match in a super-virgin who can jam a long pole up her twat, snap off the end and shoot it across the room like a ping pong ball! Whe she spreads her legs a green light flashes from her crack and lightning strikes! In one disgusting scene a woman has her pussy roasted over an open fire and basted with spices… Mmm! You must get this one! (In Chinese language, with English subtitles). ADULT CONTENT.

This film has several picture glitches, but is the best print available anywhere.


Kung Fu Cockfighter


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