La Orca (1976)


aka's: Snatch/La Orca – Gefangen, Geschändet, Erniedrigt

On her way to school, young Alice (Rena Niehaus) is dragged into a car by three men in broad daylight. They drive her to a remote farmhouse and hold her for ransom. Fearful days turn into weeks, but it seems that the young girl's parents are reluctant to pay. Alice needs to act quickly, and so she starts a seductive game of her own, passionately getting closer to her watchdog Michele (Michele Placido). Boundries are broken – slowly at first – but when the situation escalates, both must realize that they are dancing dangerously close to the edge. Also with Flavio Bucci, Bruno Corazzari and Gabriele Ferzetti. (In Italian language, with English subtitles).

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La Orca aka’s: Snatch/La Orca – Gefangen, Geschändet, Erniedrigt


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