Lastikman (2003)


The elastic comic superhero stretches his limbs to the silver screen. This timely tale with environmental undertones unravels when a meteor strikes a rubber tree, giving the young Hilario (Oyo Boy Sotto) the powers of elasticity that renders him, among other things, immune to bullets. Hilario grows up to be Professor Larry (Vic Sotto), a physics teacher. When fate and duty calls, he transforms into Lastikman who protects people from injustice and oppression. Things become perplexing when Lastikman gets involved in a clash between two of his students. His nerdy student, Jepoy (Jeffrey Quizon) who used to idolize him, turns into a villain called Evil Stryker. To make matters worse, news spreads that Lastikman beat up Jepoy and killed Ryan (Ryan Eigenman). Now disheartened, Lastikman contemplates whether or not he'll remain a superhero or just an ordinary and simple man. (In Tagalog language).




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