Mondo Cane 3 (1985)


aka's: Mondo Cane Oggi – L'orrore Continua/Savage World Today

Typically narrated in a racist and sexist fashion, the film starts by first showing different women around the world doing certain strange acts for common reasons. Other cultural oddities are observed, such as Hindu men jumping into a well to show their bravery, before moving on to government officials performing an autopsy to prove there are drugs hidden in the body. Cultural aphrodisiacs are shown, most involving killing animals in some way. Eventually, after an introduction of female impersonators, a graphic sex-change operation is shown in bloody detail, and finally begins to wrap up with forbidden tattooing in Japan, and more acts of “bravery” as men chop their own fingers off. A mondo-obscurity that is, like always, not for the faint of heart.

From a rare German import print.

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Mondo Cane 3 aka’s: Mondo Cane Oggi – L’orrore Continua/Savage World Today


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