Moonbase 3 (1973)


This rare series chronicled, in semi-documentary style, the trials and tribulations of the highly-trained men and women populating one of a number of permanent Lunar bases in the year 2003. Against the backdrop of political tensions both on Earth and on the moon, coping with insufficient budgets and non-stop technological and psychological problems, the large cast of characters lead by scientific troubleshooter and new European Moonbase director David Caulder (Donald Houston) and his deputy, Michel Lebrun (Ralph Bates), struggled to live and work in a hostile environment which marked the then farthest outpost on the final fontier. Also with Fiona Gaunt, Barry Lowe, Madhav Sharma, Peter Bathurst, Christine Bradwell and Garick Hagon.

After the show was canceled, the BBC destroyed all its recordings. There were no known recordings of this program at all until 1993, when export copies of the episodes were found at a North American TV affiliate.

Episodes included in this set are:
Departure And Arrival
Achilles Heel
Castor And Pollux
View Of A Dead Planet

Sold as a 3-DVD-R or VHS set.

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Moonbase 3


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