Ninja Dragon (1986)


aka: 上海風雲

When the high-ranking members of all the ninja clans are mysteriously slaughtered, it’s up to a small band of martial arts warriors to get to the bottom of the deadly plot in this action-packed Kung Fu epic. Stars Richard Harrison, Paulo Tocha (aka: Bruce Stallion) and Dragon Lee (uncredited). Directed by Godfrey Ho. (In widescreen format).

Godfrey Ho is considered a master of B-film Hong Kong actioners. However, a number of his films are Z-grade features made with a “cut-and-paste” technique. He would shoot footage for one film, often using Caucasian actors for exportation, then edit the scenes into several other films, mixing them with footage from old, unfinished or unreleased Asian films (using Thai, as well as Chinese or Filipino footage), then try to make the story somewhat coherent through dubbing and voice-overs. He would then have four or five films (of rock-bottom quality of course) while having spent the budget for only one.


Ninja Dragon aka: 上海風雲


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