Nuits Suedoises (1977)


aka: Peek Freak

Hélène (Siegried Cellier) and Bruno (Jean-Louis Vattier) live in an apartment opposite a pavement café where Greta (Dawn Cumming), who lives in an apartment above the café, picks up men (and women) for sex. Hélène and Bruno spy on her activities and photograph them while getting off themselves. Eventually communication is established by phone, Greta plays up to the camera and the two photographers direct a female her way. Then they meet for a swinging session and finally Hélène and Greta swap places, Hélène donning a dark wig and taking on three men in Greta’s apartment with Bruno unwittingly looking on, until Greta turns up and sucks him off while he watches what he now knows to be his wife. Also with Delphine Thail, Sandrine Pernelle, Gilbert Servien and Guy Royer. ADULT CONTENT.


Nuits Suedoises aka: Peek Freak


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