Parties Fines (1977)


aka's: Education Of The Baroness/
Indécences 1930/Indecency/
Pleasure Parties

What would you do if you could change places with a Baron and Baroness for one day? In this fast-paced adventure, two servants find out what it's like to have all the wealth and power they can handle. Hector the chauffeur (Guy Royer) and Baron (Patrice Chéron) reverse roles during a drive through the countryside. The Baron enjoys chauffeuring, with the feel of the road under him. While Hector enjoys the feel of the sweet young hitchhiker (Michèle d'Agro) in the back seat. Meanwhile, back at home the Baroness (Brigitte Lahaie) and Alice (Maude Carolle) are being taken for their own ride when a charming thief realizes the ladies' treasures are much more enjoyable. Also with Alban Ceray. ADULT CONTENT.


Parties Fines aka’s: Education Of The Baroness/
Indécences 1930/Indecency/Pleasure Parties


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