Sacrilege (1971)


Jay (Gerard Broulard), a typical nerd, sits on a hillside reading a book on witchcraft (the apparent Sacrilege of the title) when he's approached by a wholesome-looking gal named Cassandra (Jane Tsentas). When she tells him that witchcraft is her hobby, he's impressed. All sunshine and sweetness, Cassandra invites him home to have some tea and meet her cat, Lucifer. But Jay thinks he sees a mangy, bearded guy sitting on the couch smirking at him. Cassandra offers him some “aspirin”- two giant pills and a vial of bubbling liquid – then promptly turns into a witch, naked but for a black cape, gloves, and go-go boots and looking like a cross between Vampirella and a Jean Rollin vampire babe. She hops up on a coffee table and meows. Jay dives on top of her and she meows a lot more. ADULT CONTENT.




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