Soaking Wet (1985)


Being in hot water was never this much fun! Three sexy business school grads (Sheri St. Claire, Swallo and Jacquilene Roget) want to start a new magazine, Soaking Wet. They use their persuasive sexual powers to convince a local banker to lend them the money they need. They get their loan but must stop back once a week to pay the “interest.” When they get the money, they get a new car and rent a beautiful house in Beverly Hills. They then seduce three printers, two male models, a writer and the world’s best photographer in a hot scene with Ron Jeremy. Will they get their magazine published and on sale? See Soaking Wet to find out! Also stars Billy Dee, Jesse Adams, Jay Sterling, Nick Random, Michael Jeffries, Buck Adams, Mark Jennings, Jill Kelly and Bree Brooks. ADULT CONTENT.

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Soaking Wet


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