Survivor (Uncut Version) (1987)


aka: O Sobrevivente Da Cidade Fantasma

Returning from outer space, an astronaut calling himself “The Survivor” (Christopher Mayer) finds that a nuclear war has left the Earth as a desert wasteland. The Survivor spends 10 years roaming the desert wasteland in search of other people who may have survived. His search leads him to a woman (Sue Kiel) who tells him about a rumored underground city that lies somewhere beneath the desert wasteland. The Survivor thinks the woman knows where it is, but she is kidnapped by a man named Kragg (Richard Moll) before she can reveal to him the location of the city. The Survivor goes in search of the underground city as he also goes in pursuit of Kragg and his men to rescue the woman.

NOTE: This is the fully uncut version of this film, which restores about 20 minutes of footage that is missing from all the commercially available DVD releases.

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Survivor (Uncut Version) aka: O Sobrevivente Da Cidade Fantasma


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