Deathless Devil, The (1973)


aka: Yilmayan Seytan

Not only does the diabolical Dr. Satan (pronounced Dok-tore Shey-ten) have the best mustache ever, but he's also got an evil scheme in mind to steal the technology that a professor has invented that allows him to control things such as robots and airplanes remotely. He wants to use this technology to control an army of robots that he plans on building and via the wonders of this remote control system, have them do his bidding. Unfortunately for Dr. Satan, a young man (Kunt Tulgar) has just found out that his late father was really a superhero named Copperhead, from his adopted father who has raised him as his own. He takes his father's mask and puts it on, bringing the family tradition back to life. (In Turkish language, with English subtitles).


The Deathless Devil aka: Yilmayan Seytan


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