Fantastic Argoman, The (1967)


aka's: The Incredible Paris Incident/Come Rubare La Corona D'Inghilterra

Remember Superargo, Star Of Superargo vs. Diabolicus and Superargo And The Faceless Giants? Well meet his crackpot cinematic cousin: Sir Reginald Hoover (aka “Argo Man”), who has telekinetic powers, super hearing, glowing eyeballs and a wonderfully idiotic superhero costume (he also owns the Mona Lisa). Unfortunately, Sir Reginald loses these superpowers for six hours after having sex – which is what happens when the lovely Regina Sullivan drives by his island (in her own personal hovercraft), and using his powers, Sir Reggie floats her onto his island and into his bed. Trouble is, Regina is actually “Jenabell,” the self-proclaimed “Queen of the World” who lusts after the Muradoff A IV, a gigantic diamond which, somehow or other, can change “molecular cohesion.” With Sir Reginald’s superpowers temporarily gone, Ms. Queen of the World showers Paris with stolen francs until the French give her the diamond. She also uses a wacky robot to scare one of Reggie’s paramours -“Your instincts are diabolic!”- and replaces various members of government with brain-controlled automatons, all the while wearing a dazzling array of plastic outfits. Gaudy, glitzy, fast-moving and utterly ridiculous. In other words, everything you need in motion picture entertainment.

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The Fantastic Argoman aka’s: The Incredible Paris Incident/Come Rubare La Corona D'Inghilterra


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