House That Screamed, The (35mm Upgrade) (1969)


aka’s: La Residencia/The Boarding School/The Finishing School

This stylishly and very eerie thriller stars Lili Palmer as Senora Fourneau, the severe headmistress of a French boarding school for wayward young women. The rigid constraints of 19th-century social conditioning have turned the school into a hotbed of uncontrolled sexual urges! Soon it is discovered that one by one, the young girls are vanishing. It is assumed they are sneaking away at night, so the school is securely locked down at night. But the young women continue to go missing, as it appears a mysterious assassin is stalking the dark hallways of the ghostly manor. Also stars Cristina Galbó and John Moulder-Brown.

This film came from an uncut widescreen UK import print in excellent picture quality.

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The House That Screamed aka’s: La Residencia/
The Boarding School/The Finishing School


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