Invincible Barbarian, The (1982)


aka's: Gunan, King Of The Barbarians/Gunan Il Guerriero

The peaceful countryside village of Solmen is savagely assaulted by wild Ungats led by bloodthirsty Magen. In the midst of battle, two baby boys are miraculously saved by a tribe of Amazon warriors known as the Kuniats. The warriors nurture and train the boys for future struggles. The stronger of the two is named Gunan The Invincible. It is up to Gunan to avenge the annihilation of his people. Gunan stages a spectacular one man war of vengeance against his enemy the Ungats, but they prove to be a formidable enemy, and much bloodshed ensues. Stars David Jenkins and Diana Roy.


The Invincible Barbarian aka’s: Gunan, King Of The Barbarians/Gunan Il Guerriero


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