Too Hot To Handle (1960)


aka: Playgirl After Dark

In London’s Soho, Johnny Solo (Leo Genn) runs the Pink Flamingo Club. He’s tough to intimidate, so when he starts getting threats and demands for protection, he fights back. Behind the takeover plot is a competitor, Diamonds Dielli (Sheldon Lawrence). Midnight Franklin (Jayne Mansfield), who’s Johnny’s girlfriend and one of the club’s headliners, wants to get Johnny out of the business. In the background are a sadistic client, an underage chorus girl, a wisecracking siren who’s not averse to rough trade, a visiting journalist and a dancer who guards her past. Can Johnny win the struggle with Diamonds, and can Midnight get him out of harm’s way? Also stars Karlheinz Böhm and with Christopher Lee.


Too Hot To Handle aka: Playgirl After Dark


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