Wapakman (2009)


aka: Wam Bam Pac's The Man

Leo Martinez Magno (Manny Pacquiao) is an ordinary man whose world revolves around his five kids while his wife, Magda (Rufa Mae Quinto), works as a nurse in Italy. One night a car crashes into Magno's truck and a big explosion takes place. Miraculously, Magno survives. The blowup is caused by Walo-walo, an organic substance which stores energy that is almost as powerful as nuclear energy. Soon, he wakes up and feels like a new man — lighter, faster, stronger. Interestingly, his newfound powers start helping him become a better dad. His wish of being faster, smarter and stronger for his family is coming true. He assumes the identity of their favorite superhero: WAPAKMAN! Also stars Bianca King. (In Tagalog language).

Manny Pacquiao is an eight-division world boxing champion.


Wapakman aka: Wam Bam Pac's The Man


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