Werewolf In The Amazon (2005)


aka's: Um Lobisomem Na Amazônia/
Amazônia Misteriosa/A Werewolf In Amazonia

Dr. Moreau (Paul Naschy) escapes from his island and takes refuge in the Amazon jungle where – with the help of Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele's secret documents – he plans to create artificial life. Complications ensue as Dr. Moreau also suffers from a werewolf bite and transforms into a monster by the light of the full moon. Meanwhile, a group of youngsters have ventured into the jungle to find a rare hallucinogenic drug. (They find it, and somewhat more). In addition, a tribe of Amazon females befriend Dr. Moreau and get involved in his sex therapy! Also stars Danielle Winits and Evandro Mesquita. Also with Karina Bacchi, Daiana Amendola and Bruno De Luca. (In Portuguese language, with English subtitles).

This was Paul Naschy's final screen appearance. He died of pancreatic cancer on November 30, 2009 in Madrid, Spain. He was 75.

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Werewolf In The Amazon aka's: Um Lobisomem Na Amazônia/Amazônia Misteriosa/A Werewolf In Amazonia


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