Zona Roja (1976)


aka: Pink Zone

In a whorehouse in Acapulco, lives Leonor (Fanny Cano), a young and beautiful woman that waiting reunite with an old lover. One day, the man reappears to take her away from her live of vice. But a debt by Leonor with the “Madame” of the house causes a series of complications to ensue. Also with María Sorté. (In Spanish language).

Fanny Cano died on December 7, 1983 in an airplane accident in Madrid, Spain. Her flight was an Aviaco DC-9 which landed at the same time as an Iberia Airlines Boeing 727. The aircraft collided with each other on the tarmac resulting in 85 deaths. She was killed in the fire after the crash. She was 39 years old.

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Zona Roja aka: Pink Zone


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