Babyface (1977)


aka: Alex deRenzy's Babyface

Dan Roberts stars as a hapless construction worker who has to go into hiding following his seduction of the young but willing Priscilla (Lyn 'Cuddles' Malone) which incurs the wrath of her religious fanatic of a man. After a near-fatal accident leaves him drifting by the bay, he is saved by Felicia (Amber Hunt) and Annie (Linda Wong) who clean him up and then some. Felicia comes up with the brilliant idea of taking him to the Training Camp, a brothel catering exclusively for rich women and run by her aunt (Kathryn Reed), affectionately referred to as The Champ. Also with Joey Silvera, Marion Eaton, Angela Haze, Turk Lyon, Ken Scudder, Kristine Heller, Blair Harris, Paul Thomas, Desiree West, John Leslie, Sandy Pinney and Otis Sistrunk. ADULT CONTENT.


Babyface aka: Alex deRenzy's Babyface


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