Blazing Magnum (1976)


aka’s: Shadows In An Empty Room/
A Special Magnum For Tony Saitta/
.44 Special/Blazing Magnums/
Una Magnum Special Per Tony Saitta/
Strange Shadows In An Empty Room/
The 44 Specialist/Tough Tony Saitta

Stuart Whitman stars as police detective Tony Saitta in this action-packed thriller. He is a tough Dirty Harry-styled cop who will do anything to arrest those on the wrong side of the law. At a party Tony’s sister is poisoned and dies. Tony sets out to find the killer punching first asking questions later. One sequence has Tony fighting a group of karate-kicking transvestites who try to toss him off a skyscraper. Tony battles back and shoves a hot curling iron into the backside of one of the she-males. As Tony gets closer to the killer, more people wind up dead. Also stars Martin Landau, Gayle Hunnicutt, John Saxon, Tisa Farrow and Carole Laure.

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Blazing Magnum aka’s: Shadows In An Empty Room/A Special Magnum For Tony Saitta/.44 Special/Blazing Magnums/Una Magnum Special Per Tony Saitta/Strange Shadows In An Empty Room/The 44 Specialist/Tough Tony Saitta


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