Color Climax Bestsellers No. 240 (1987)


aka: Color Climax Bestsellers #240

Eight anally-oriented short shows.

Schoolgirl Education

Anal Dames
The memories of these two horny kittens are red hot and very lively. On their holiday they had these hammock fucks, including anal and double penetration front and rear.

Anal Ladies
Two frustrated wives of businessmen decide to act. Hot lesbo play inspires other ideas for their husbands. Result? Unbelievably horny anal fucking!

Mystery Fucker
During a telephone call a horny babe is playing with herself. But… what happens? A magic hand and more, appears. All her wishes will be fulfilled.

Disco Passion
Have you ever seen a disco suck-act? This is the one! What this film offers is so extreme that no writing can descibe it.

Anal Memories
One view into the diary of this hot darling and the wildest sex dreams come through – for them and for you! Example: A simultanous D.P. in rear and pussy.

Spunky Music
Jenny and Sally know how to bring different thoughts to their music teacher. They play and conduct him into a real sex concert. He is quite a fuck virtuoso!

Live Show Lust
Dress rehearsal in the backroom of a sex night club: Two girlies get each other ready, while the barlady prepares the guests. The shaved areas are fucked hard.

(In German language). Not that it matters one bit!


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Color Climax Bestsellers No. 240
aka: Color Climax Bestsellers #240


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