Color Climax Bestsellers No. 243 (1987)


aka: Color Climax Bestsellers #243

Includes eight short films starring John Holmes.

Fat Whopper
Totally normal girls and dull housewives turn into wild sex beasts when they are confronted with John Holmes' crank. The blonde with nice knockers cannot get enough…

Sandwich Fuck
After a drinking tour Meritta, her friend and John Holmes find themselves at a place where they can really get loose! A D.P. occurs in the rear and pussy!

Anal John
When John Holmes' giant crank visits these pussies, it's quiet a sensation! Especially when he gets himself into a slim girls ass!

Horny Holmes
If John Holmes wasn't so potent and horny, he would have nothing to stick in and enjoy! Here he proves to his lady boss, a horny black lady, that he is still giving it all with all his powers!

Deep Delight
A breathtaking beautiful blonde, full knockers and a Porsche, honors John Holmes with a visit. Why then? This question will be answered after watching this hot and horny production!

Huge Hard-On
Poor John Holmes! The man can hardly survive the hungry cunts. In this film he's doing two nice kittens, a blonde and a brunette, with horny ass fucks.

Whopping Weapon
After a few nights of action even John Holmes has his limits. But the nice, attractive Polynesian lover does not want to hear that! Watch how she brings out her best tricks!

Big Surprise
Billiards with John Holmes. That can't go right! Indeed, his co-players want to play with his giant cue and give it a shot towards fame!

(In German language–Not that it matters one bit!)


John Holmes died from AIDS-related complications on March 13th, 1988. He was 43.

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Color Climax Bestsellers No. 243
aka: Color Climax Bestsellers #243


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