Dark Chambers (2000)


Marilyn Chambers, porn diva for all seasons and international Triple-X legend, is back with a high-gloss production featuring her best and brightest. One of the Golden Age of Porn’s most renowned personalities and a sexual dynamo by any standard returns triumphantly to the screen and proves that her hell-fire erotic essance has honed itself to a razor’s edge over the years. She explodes across the screen as her close friend and fellow porn legend Veronica Hart directs her carnal antics and brings her own incendiary sense of the erotic to bear. The sex is blistering from one end to the other, which is of course exactly what on would expect from a pair of talents of this magnitude. Look especially for Marilyn’s closing tussle, during which she sets the screen alight like the through-and through fire-starter that she is. A must-see insta-classic and a gotta-have for Marilyn’s devoted fans. Also with Erica Boyer and Asia Carrera. ADULT CONTENT.


Dark Chambers


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