Darna (1991)


Darna (Nanette Medved) is the Philippines answer to our Wonder Woman. Her outfit is very similar but her powers are more vast, such as her ability to fly. This time she must battle the evil Medusa (Nida Blanca). (In Tagalog language).

On November 6th, 2001, Nida Blanca was viciously stabbed to death in a parking garage. In November of 2003 her former husband, Rod Lauren, (who had long returned to his real name of Roger Strunk) was to be charged with her murder after authorities claimed he hired an assassin to kill his wife, who had threatened to divorce and disinherit him. In a shot to the poor Manila justice system, authorities allowed Rod to return to the U.S. before charges could be filed against him. Claiming his mother, who lived in Tracy, California, was dying of cancer and he needed to be with her, he managed to resist extradition and resettled in Tracy. More recently he was employed as a camera operator for the city of Tracy's public access station, Channel 26. However, the pressures of the ongoing investigation eventually took it's toll and Lauren ended it all on July 11th, 2007, by jumping to his death from a second floor, motel balcony in Tracy. He was 67. Ms. Blanca was 65 at the time of her death.




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