Captain Barbell (1986)


Teng-Teng (Herbert Bautista) lives a miserable life. He is an orphan who works by collecting junk. But despite his condition, Teng-Teng does not lose hope. Instead he shares his meager income with other indigent people. One day, as a reward for his good deeds, he is given the opportunity to defend the people against evil forces headed by Gagamba (Beth Bautista), a female spider who took human form. Teng-Teng is then given the magic barbell which empowers him to become Captain Barbell (Edu Manzano). All goes well except for Teng-Teng's lovelife, since the girl of his dreams Rosemarie (Lea Salonga) is already falling in love with the super hero. Will Capt. Barbell be able to fight the evil forces of Gagamba? How can Teng-Teng prove to Rosemarie that he is Capt.Barbell? Sharon Cueta also appears as Darna. (In Tagalog language).


Captain Barbell


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