Der Teufelsgarten (1968)


aka's: Coplan Saves His Skin/Coplan Sauve Sa Peau/ Horror: l'assassino Ha Le Ore Contate/Devil's Garden/Requiem For A Snake

Coplan (Claudio Brook) is a free-lance undercover agent who offers his services to the highest bidder. He receives a phone call from an old girlfriend in Turkey. The panic-stricken woman (Margaret Lee) gives sketchy details of a plot that threatens world security. When Coplan arrives, he is told the woman has been killed, and the trail of the murderer leads to her brother (a mad scientist driven insane by radioactive fallout from a failed experiment). The mad scientist tries to hunt down Coplan with a bow and arrow. Coplan believes he sees his girlfriend alive, or is it her sister? Also stars Jean Servais. Also with Hans Meyer, Nanna Michael and Klaus Kinski. (In German language and in widescreen format).

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Der Teufelsgarten aka’s: Coplan Saves His Skin/Coplan Sauve Sa Peau/Horror: l’assassino Ha Le Ore Contate/Devil’s Garden/ Requiem For A Snake


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