Brazilian Star Wars (1978)


aka's: Planet Wars/Os Trapalhões Na Guerra Dos Planetas

A Brazilian Star Wars ripoff. Prince Flick (Pedro Aguinaga) asks Os Trapalhões for his help to free the planet from the rule of the evil Zuco. He offers a reward and four friends arrive to embark on a spaceship called the hairy monster Bonzo. On the planet, they battle the evil Zuco but fail to save Princess Myrna, who has been kidnapped by a thief. She is to be substituted on the throne by Loya, the girlfriend of Didi. Later, back on Earth, Os Trapalhões believes that everything that has transpired was a dream, but then is convinced otherwise when he and the others come across a jeep full of gold bars. (In Portuguese language, with English subtitles).

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Brazilian Star Wars aka’s: Planet Wars/
Os Trapalhões Na Guerra Dos Planetas


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