Destination Space (1959)


Pilot for a CBS TV series. After a moon launch is abruptly canceled, Jim Benedict (Harry Townes) and Col. Mathews (John Agar) head back to Earth under subpoena from the Senate where they must duel politically with space-hating Senator Royce (Robert Cornthwaite) to save the space program. Also with Edward Platt and Jon Lormer.

Harry Townes played Reger in the Star Trek episode “The Return Of The Archons.”

Jon Lormer appeared in Star Trek three times: First as Dr. Theodore Haskins, one of the “survivors” projected by the Talosians on the planet Talos in the first pilot, “The Cage.” The second appearance was as Tamar in “Return Of The Archons” (with Harry Townes). His third appearance was as an unnamed old man in “For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky.”

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Destination Space


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