Die Hexe Des Grafen Dracula (1968)


aka’s: The Crimson Cult/
Curse Of The Crimson Altar

This was one of Boris Karloff’s last films. When his brother disappears, Robert Manning (Mark Eden) pays a visit to the remote country house he was last heard from. While his host (Christopher Lee) is outwardly welcoming – and his niece (Virginia Wetherell) more demonstrably so – Manning detects a feeling of menace in the air with the legend of Lavinia Morley (Barbara Steele), The Black Witch of Greymarsh, hanging over everything. Also with Michael Gough. (In optional German or English language, with optional German subtitles).

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Die Hexe Des Grafen Dracula aka’s:
The Crimson Cult/Curse Of The Crimson Altar


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