Encounter With The Unknown (1973)


Rod Serling, whose very voice conjured up dark and horrific visions, narrated three dramatizations, each based on supernatural events documented by famous ghost-hunters. In the first story, three teenage boys play a practical joke on a friend. But their prank turns sour when their friend is accidentally killed and they become the victims of a lethal and malicious curse! The second story involves a young farm boy who discovers a mysterious, fog-shrouded hole in the earth's crust. An investigation into the subterranean cavern ultimately leads to violent insanity and a disturbing confrontation with the effects of the supernatural. In the final episode, a young married couple on their way home from a party pick up a restless hitchhiker anxiously looking for the way back to her father's house. They soon discover the shocking truth behind this week. Stars Rosie Holotik.

After suffering two heart attacks, Rod Serling was subjected to a 10-hour long open-heart procedure, carried out on June 26, 1975, but Serling suffered a heart attack on the operating table and died two days later at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York. He was 50 years old.

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Encounter With The Unknown


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