Flash Gordon (TV Series) (1954-55)


Space hero Flash Gordon (Steve Holland) and his crew of the Galaxy Bureau of Investigation patrol space, battling space monsters, power-mad alien dictators and other threats to the stability of the universe. This incarnation of Flash Gordon is memorable in several ways: It was one of the first science-fiction series to be shot on film. It was also largely filmed and produced in recovering post-WWII Germany and later France. Also stars Irene Champlin, Joseph Nash and Henry Beckman. (These episodes are fully uncut).

Episodes included in this set are:

Planet Of Death
Struggle To The End
Deadline At Noon
Subworld Revenge
Akim The Terrible
The Lure Of Light
Saboteurs From Space
Return Of The Androids
Breath Of Death
Claim Jumpers
The Witch Of Neptune
The Brain Machine
Race Against Time
Forbidden Experiment

Sold as a 3-DVD-R set.

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Flash Gordon (TV Series)


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