Frankenstein Conquers The World (1966) (Uncut A.I.P. English Language TV Print)


aka's: Frankenstein Meets The Giant Devil Fish/Frankenstein And The Giant Lizard/ Frankenstein vs. The Giant Devil Fish/
Frankenstein vs. The Subterranean Monster/ Frankenstein vs. Godjirra/ Frankenstein vs. Baragon/


The heart of Frankenstein's monster is stolen from Dr. Frankenstein and taken by U-boat to Japan. When caught in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, it begins to grow and mutate. Several years later a disfigured wild-boy (Koji Furuhata) is discovered stealing peoples' livestock and eating a school's pet rabbit. Doctors Bowen (Nick Adams) and Togami (Kumi Mizuno) put the boy under surveillance. He then begins to grow at an enormous rate and eventually escapes his chains while losing a hand in the process, which survives and crawls around until it dies of malnutrition. Later, a reptilian-subterranean monster named Baragon (Haruo Nakajima) begins a rampage and the Frankenstein monster and the reptile face off. (Includes the original U.S. trailer).

One of the proposed titles for this film was Frankenstein vs. The Giant Devil Fish. In fact, one of the lobby photos features the title monster doing battle with a giant octopus. However, that scene was later deleted from the U.S. print. Ironically, the sequel, Furankenstein No Kaiju: Sanda Tai Gaira does feature a battle between Gaira, the Green Gargantua, and a giant octopus.

This rare TV print from the 1970's includes all the Hiroshima bomb dropping references and extra special effects sequences which have been cut from all more recent editions of this film.

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Frankenstein Conquers The World aka’s: Frankenstein Meets The Giant Devil Fish/ Frankenstein And The Giant Lizard/Frankenstein vs. The Giant Devil Fish/Frankenstein vs. The Subterranean Monster/Frankenstein vs. Godjirra/Frankenstein vs. Baragon/


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