Girls Town (1959)


aka: The Innocent And The Damned

Silver Morgan (Mamie Van Doren) is a smart-talking blonde bombshell accused of murdering her boyfriend (Harold Lloyd Jr.). Her wise-cracking attitude gets her “probation” at a Catholic girls school, where she slowly learns the meaning of charity. But the local hot rod gangs are anything but charitable, and when Silver’s little sister (Elinor Donahue) falls into the clutches of one of their leaders (Mel Torme), she must enlist the help of her school pals to pull off a daring rescue. A deadly drag race and a clandestine kidnapping highlight this fast-paced romantic thriller. Also with Gloria Talbott, Jim Mitchum, William Smith (uncredited) and featured singing by Paul Anka and The Platters.

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Girls Town aka: The Innocent And The Damned


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