Halik Ng Sirena (2001)


A fisherman named David (Carlos Morales) engages in numerous flings with the lasses who run after him, in spite of his Lola's (Anita Linda) reprimands and the advice of another fisherman, Brando (Richard Quan). Things change for David when Samantha (Pinky Amador) comes to take over the beach resort of her late father. Obsessed, she seduces him every opportunity she gets. However, he then meets Mina (Isabel Granada), a restless mermaid from an offshore island. They fall in love and disasters begin to occur in the village. With the help of the village fool Daniel (Gerald Madrid), to whom the villagers go for the latest “news”, the townfolk act together to stop the series of misfortune. (In Tagalog language.)

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Halik Ng Sirena


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